Pittsburgh-based Designer, Evan Deane has made quite a name for himself. He has worked with and designed for companies like UPS, Chicago Uno Grille, HTG Supply, Fenno's Coffee, and much more. He is the Senior Designer at HTG Supply, and helps run the Media and Marketing Team. He has recreated their presence online as well as rebranded the company to bring it up-to-date. He has done work like: Web Design/Coding, Packaging Design, Branding/Logos, Photography, Fashion Design, Convention/Expo Production, and more. Evan designs for and manages a T-Shirt company by the name of KNERD (the K is silent). Evan maintains several contracts and clients, and looks to bring on more. If you have any questions or inquiries please fill out the contact form.

Evan Enjoys: Music, Tea, Instagram, Designing, and Comedy.